Heavy-duty self-lubricating bushings bearings for offshore platforms and oil and gas industry .

Gear pump bushing, vane pump sleeve bearings, cylinder self-lubricating bushing, plunger pump bushings bearings for hydraulic system,To provide hydraulic system users with a complete set of plain bearing solutions.The products are: gear pump aluminum base assembly, sleeve, side plate;Oil distribution disc, return disc and shaft sleeve for vane pump and plunger pump;Cylinder sleeve and so on.

Oil andgas bearings: oilles bushes, heavy-duty bronze bushings; self-lubricating bearings are suited for use in oil ,gas industry. Drilling equipment, pumps, valves, offshore platforms, actuators, pipe hangers.Made to order online from china.

VIIPLUS specialized in the production of self lubricated Bearings used for rotary movement between mechanical parts.Self lubricated bearings are used in valves.

Pipeline valves in a variety of urban architecture also substantial growth in demand.We are specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of valves bushing bearings and other relative products,thrust washer,wear plate.The self lubricating bearing parts split bushes structure is convenient in installation of pipe valves.This sleeve or flanged type can be installed on your project.


From the top of the derrick to the ocean floor and from the pipeline to the pump,Valves, our self-lubricating bushings oilless sliding bearing solutions provide longer service life, reduced maintenance and grease-free operation in a wide variety of oil and gas recovery applications

Valves bushings, self-lubricating bearings services to meet our customers’ most challenging flow control and process demands.

Your process is too valuable to use anything but OEM self lubricating bearings parts

All the valve’s internal self-lubricating bearings are sliding bearings, the whole material the use of carbon steel PTFE liner. VIIPLUS sleeve bushings products provide superior strength and durability to support high bearing loads in these demanding conditions.

VIIPLUS provider of metal-polymer and fiber reinforced composite bearings for use in various flow control valves and valve actuators. These actuators and valves are found in all levels of the oil, gas and refining industry in operations that demand emergency shutdown or precise process flow. PTFE bushes and stainless steel ptfe fabric bearings provide reliable and safe operation of these processes on land and offshore applications.

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Comply with international oilless bearings parts, standards, and approvals by using genuine control valve parts.

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