Why should bearings be made of graphite?

Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings are all self-lubricating and maintenance free. These bushings are machined out of continuous cast bronze and plugged with solid lubricant plugs. A bushing and it’s mating. surface should always be seperated by a film of lubricant. With Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings no form of supplementary lubrication is required.

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Graphite plugged oiles bearing is made of cast bronze alloy base material with special solid lubricants plugged. The base metal withstands high load and the graphite provide self-lubrication. This type of oiles bearing shows excellent performance without pre-lubrication under conditions of extreme high/low temperature with low speed.

The benefits of graphite bushing

1. The bushing is considered to be the friction coefficient from the angle of friction loss, the smaller the friction coefficient as the bearing material, the better the wear coefficient of the graphite bearing lubricating bearing show;

2, from the structure, graphite is a solid material, can be oil-free lubrication, reduce the graphite lubrication bearing less lubrication system, thereby reducing the failure rate;

3. Graphite has high chemical stability;

4, the price is cheap, the versatility is strong; if the metal is used as the bearing, according to the graphite bronze bearing you said that the situation should be operated at high temperature, obviously the ordinary material is not good, the material with high temperature strength needs to be customized, the price is not several times, a few Ten times more than a hundred times can not be done, the first thing is not easy to find.

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