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Wrapped bushing, Bronze CuSn8, DIN 1494 / ISO 3547, Low-maintenance

BRONZE BUSHING MATERIALS: CuSn8P (DIN 17662) alternative CuSn6P available.

The FB 090 is a slotted thin-walled bronze bushing with grease pockets. This bearing can be manufactured with or without a flange, but lubrication is required for proper function. The unique feature of this bushing is the internally punched rectangular grease pockets, which serve as repositories for the grease. This feature minimizes the need for frequent lubrication, thus facilitating outdoor usage. Moreover, it lowers the friction and strain at the moment of start, enhancing the overall durability and performance of the bushing.

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F090 model, which is a bronze bushing that includes grease pockets. These grease pockets are designed to retain lubricant that helps in reducing friction during operation, thereby extending the lifespan and efficiency of the bushing.

Various types of bronze bearings designed for different applications, but all share the common trait of being made from durable bronze material and often having special features like oil pockets for enhanced lubrication and performance. Agriculture machinery, truck cranes & construction machinery, suitable for impact loads.

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  • Bronze plain bearings size

Wrapped bronze bushings with diamond types made to order: cylindrical bushes with non-standard dimensions, flanged bushes, sliding plates, customized bearing designs

Bronze Bearings made of CuSn8 with Lubrication Indents

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viiplus offers growing products of engineered self-lubricating wrapped bronze bushing and sliding bearings products and services to keep industries moving efficiently and reliably.

It is a wrapped bronze bushing. Our standard material is CuSn8, alternatively, we also can supply a CuSn6 bronze bushing. The hardness of CuSn6 will slightly be lesser. Economic solution for wrapped bronze bushings application due to a thin wall thickness. The advantage is that they are produced from bronze sheet materials with max. the thickness of bronze bearings 2.5mm. 

wrapped bronze bushing

Stronger. By Weapped Bronze Bushing Custom Size Design.
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  • Flange bearings – CuSn8 High load capability and good stability with low abrasion.
  • Plain cylindrical bronze bearings – Always self-lubricating & Low-maintenance
  • Customized size bearings – We will manufacture the exact wrapped bronze bearing you need at a low cost.
  • Split type bushings – Bronze CuSn8, DIN 1494 / ISO 3547, Easy to install,
  • Simple design – Cost-effective, Suitable for rough working conditions, good corrosion resistance.

VIIPLUS.COM provides engineering, custom fabrication & manufacturing of high-performance bronze bushing & bearing materials.  is a low maintenance bushing material. An initial greasing during installation is necessary, after that periodic greasing with oil or grease is mandatory. The diamond pockets are an excellent lubrication depot and keeping maintenance to a minimum.


Technical specifications for these different types of Bronze Bearings:

  1. FB090 Wrapped Bronze Bearings: These are bronze bearings that feature a wrap design. The bearings have built-in oil pockets for self-lubrication, which reduces friction and extends their life. They are suitable for a range of applications and provide high load capacity.

  2. Bronze Split Bushing: This is a type of bushing made from bronze and features a split design. This design allows the bushing to be inserted into a housing or mounted onto a shaft more easily. Like the wrapped bearings, these also have excellent durability and performance characteristics.

  3. CuSn6.5P and CuSn8P Bronze Bearings: These are specific types of bronze bearings made from the bronze alloys CuSn6.5P and CuSn8P respectively. They have excellent mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion.

  4. Diamond Oil Pocket: This term refers to a specific design feature found in some types of bronze bearings. The bearings have diamond-shaped pockets that hold lubricant, which reduces friction and enhances the operational efficiency and lifespan of the bearing.

  5. FB090, WB700, WB800, BRO-MET, BMZ Bronze Bush: These are different models or types of bronze bearings. Despite their different names, they all utilize bronze for their construction, which gives them excellent durability and performance characteristics.

Type of bearings known as sliding bearings or bushings. The specific type in this case is a bronze bushing that features grease pockets. These grease pockets are typically used to hold lubricant, which helps reduce friction and wear during the operation of the bushing. This design often results in extended maintenance intervals and improved performance.

WB800 and WF800 Bronze Bearings, as well as the FB090 Bronze Bush, are produced from CuSn8P or CuSn6P bronze alloys. These wrapped bronze bushings originate from China.

The FB090 Wrapped Bronze Bearings are made entirely of bronze, lending them exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. These bearings are especially suited for applications that require regular re-lubrication, particularly in environments where dirt and other contaminants might be present. The re-lubrication helps to flush out these contaminants and reduce the friction that can affect the performance of the bearings.

In essence, these bronze bearings are designed for applications where high strength, durability, and resistance to harsh environments are required. The use of bronze material along with the unique wrapped design allows for superior performance and increased lifespan. The ability to regularly lubricate these bearings is an added advantage, particularly in conditions where dirt and other contaminants are prevalent.

Precision Bronze Bushings, A Broad Range of Metric Sizes.

FB090 and FB092 bronze bushings size chart:

FB090 and FB092 bronze bushings are available in a variety of sizes. The size of a bronze bushing is usually determined by its inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), and length. These dimensions are often measured in millimeters (mm).

For example, a bushing might be labeled as FB090 10x15x20, which means that it has an inner diameter of 10mm, an outer diameter of 15mm, and a length of 20mm.

The exact size of the FB090 or FB092 bushing you need will depend on the specific requirements of your application. You should refer to the technical specifications of your equipment or consult with a professional to determine the appropriate size.

provided an extensive size chart for the FB090 Bronze Bushing. Here’s a simplified explanation:

This chart is detailing the many sizes available for the FB090 Bronze Bushing. The notation ‘d1xd2xb’ signifies the inner diameter (d1), the outer diameter (d2), and the length (b) of the bushing, each in millimeters.

For example, ‘FB 090-1010’ indicates a FB090 Bronze Bushing that has an inner diameter of 10mm, an outer diameter of 12mm, and a length of 10mm.

Similarly, ‘FB 090-300100’ would indicate a FB090 Bronze Bushing with an inner diameter of 300mm, an outer diameter of 305mm, and a length of 100mm.

These bushings come in a variety of sizes to fit the diverse needs of different machinery and equipment. Always ensure to select the correct size bushing for your specific requirements to ensure the optimal function and longevity of the component.

Art nod1xd2xb
FB 090-101010x12x10
FB 090-101510x12x15
FB 090-121012x14x10
FB 090-121512x14x15
FB 090-122012x14x20
FB 090-141014x16x10
FB 090-141514x16x15
FB 090-142014x16x20
FB 090-142014x16x20
FB 090-142514x16x25
FB 090-151015x17x10
FB 090-151515x17x15
FB 090-152015x17x20
FB 090-152516x18x25
FB 090-161016x18x10
FB 090-162016x18x20
FB 090-162516x18x25
FB 090-181018x20x10
FB 090-181518x20x15
FB 090-182018x20x20
FB 090-182518x20x25
FB 090-201020x23x10
FB 090-201520x23x15
FB 090-202020x23x20
FB 090-202520x23x25
FB 090-203020x23x30
FB 090-221522x25x15
FB 090-202020x25x20
FB 090-222522x25x25
FB 090-223020x25x30
FB 090-224022x25x40
FB 090-243024x27x30
FB 090-251525x28x15
FB 090-252025x28x20
FB 090-252525x28x25
FB 090-253025x28x30
FB 090-281528x32x15
FB 090-282028x32x20
FB 090-282528x32x25
FB 090-283028x32x30
FB 090-301530x34x15
FB 090-302030x34x20
FB 090-302530x34x25
FB 090-303030x34x30
Art nod1xd2xb
FB 090-304030x34x40
FB 090-321532x36x15
FB 090-322032x36x20
FB 090-322532x36x25
FB 090-323032x36x30
FB 090-324032x36x40
FB 090-351535x39x15
FB 090-352035x39x20
FB 090-352035x39x20
FB 090-352535x39x25
FB 090-353035x39x30
FB 090-353535x39x35
FB 090-354035x39x40
FB 090-355035x39x50
FB 090-402040x44x20
FB 090-402540x44x25
FB 090-403040x44x30
FB 090-404040x44x40
FB 090-405040x44x50
FB 090-406040x44x60
FB 090-452045x50x20
FB 090-452545x50x25
FB 090-453045x50x30
FB 090-454045x50x40
FB 090-455045x50x50
FB 090-456045x50x60
FB 090-502550x55x25
FB 090-503050x55x30
FB 090-504050x55x40
FB 090-505050x55x50
FB 090-506050x55x60
FB 090-552055x60x20
FB 090-552555x60x25
FB 090-553055x60x30
FB 090-554055x60x40
FB 090-555055x60x50
FB 090-556055x60x60
FB 090-602560x65x25
FB 090-603060x65x30
FB 090-603560x65x35
FB 090-604060x65x40
FB 090-605060x65x50
FB 090-606060x65x60
FB 090-608060x65x80
Art nod1xd2xb
FB 090-609060x65x90
FB 090-654065x70x40
FB 090-655065x70x50
FB 090-656065x70x60
FB 090-658065x70x80
FB 090-704070x75x40
FB 090-705070x75x50
FB 090-706070x75x60
FB 090-707070x75x70
FB 090-708070x75x80
FB 090-709070x75x90
FB 090-753075x80x30
FB 090-754075x80x40
FB 090-756075x80x60
FB 090-758075x80x80
FB 090-803080x85x30
FB 090-804080x85x40
FB 090-806080x85x60
FB 090-808080x85x80
FB 090-853085x90x30
FB 090-854085x90x40
FB 090-856085x90x60
FB 090-858085x90x80
FB 090-904090x95x40
FB 090-906090x95x60
FB 090-908090x95x80
FB 090-909090x95x90
FB 090-10050100x105x50
FB 090-10060100x105x60
FB 090-10095100x105x95
FB 090-10560105x110x60
FB 090-105100105x110x100
FB 090-11060110x115x60
FB 090-110100105x115x100
FB 090-11560115x120x60
FB 090-115100115x120x100
FB 090-12060120x125x60
FB 090-120100120x125x100
FB 090-12560125x130x60
FB 090-125100125x130x100
FB 090-13060130x135x60
FB 090-130100130x135x100
FB 090-135100135x140x60
Art nod1xd2xb
FB 090-14060140x145x60
FB 090-140100140x145x100
FB 090-14560145x150x60
FB 090-145100145x150x100
FB 090-15060150x155x60
FB 090-150100150x155x100
FB 090-15560155x160x60
FB 090-155100155x160x100
FB 090-16060160x165x60
FB 090-160100160x165x100
FB 090-16560165x170x60
FB 090-165100165x170x100
FB 090-17060170x175x60
FB 090-170100170x175x100
FB 090-17560175x180x60
FB 090-175100175x180x100
FB 090-18060180x185x60
FB 090-180100180x185x100
FB 090-18560185x190x60
FB 090-185100185x190x100
FB 090-19060190x195x60
FB 090-190100190x195x100
FB 090-19560195x200x60
FB 090-195100195x200x100
FB 090-20060200x205x60
FB 090-200100200x205x100
FB 090-21560215x220x60
FB 090-215100215x220x100
FB 090-25560225x230x60
FB 090-225100225x230x100
FB 090-23560235x240x60
FB 090-235100235x240x100
FB 090-24560245x250x60
FB 090-245100245x250x100
FB 090-27560275x280x60
FB 090-275100275x280x100
FB 090-28560285x290x60
FB 090-285100285x290x100
FB 090-30060300x305x60
FB 090-300100300x305x100


Wrapped Bronze Bushing Technical Data

  • Specific load capacity static< 120 [N/mm2]
  • Specific load capacity dynamic< 40 [N/mm2]
  • Sliding speed≤ 2.5 [m/s]
  • Friction value0.05 [µ] to 0.12 [µ] depending on lubrication
  • Temperature strain– 40 [°C] to + 250 [°C]
  • Max. PV-value2.8 [N/mm² x m/s]
  • The percentage of contact area on the ID is > 75%


Grease bushing service

Bronze Bearings made of CuSn8 with Grease Reservoirs



One Piece Compact Design, Dimensional Stability, Low Weight


Extended service life

Suitable for Continuous Sliding, Rotating and Oscillating Movement