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Wrapped flanged bushing size, CuSn8, Low-maintenance


CuSn8P (DIN 17662) alternative CuSn6P available

Need a final bronze bushing size?

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Agriculture machinery, truck cranes & construction machinery, suitable for impact loads.

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wrapped bronze bushing

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wrapped bronze bushing

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wrapped self-lubricating bronze bushings

Bronze Bearings and Bronze Sleeve Bushings made of CuSn8

with Grease Reservoirs

for Long Term Lubrication

self-lubricating bronze bushings wrapped bushes cusn6 cusn8

Bearing forms made to order: cylindrical bushes with non-standard dimensions, customized bearing designs

self-lubricating bronze bushings cusn6 cusn8

Bushing Guide: Wear resistant bearing made of solid bronze strip with perforation for lubricated applications

cusn8 bronze bearing
  • Bronze plain bearings size

Wrapped bronze bushings with large grease reservoirs to increase maintenance intervals. For all lubricated operations.

Bronze Bearing made of CuSn8 with Grease Reservoirs.

Need a Bronze Bushing?

Economic solution for bronze flanged bearing application due to a thin wall thickness.

Special manufacturing
We can offer special sizes, shapes, forms, or flanged bushing sizes upon request. Please contact us for a quotation or more information.

Wrapped bronze bushing manufacturing facilities enable us to offer complete slide bearings solutions.

It is a wrapped bronze bushing. Our standard material is CuSn8, alternatively, we also can supply a CuSn6 bronze bushing. The hardness of CuSn6 will slightly be lesser. Economic solution for wrapped bronze bushings application due to a thin wall thickness. The advantage is that they are produced from bronze sheet materials with max. the thickness of bronze bearings 2.5mm.

wrapped bronze bushing

Stronger. By Weapped Bronze Bushing Custom Size Design.
Prototype Services
Building components for your evaluation.

  • Flange bearings – CuSn8 High load capability and good stability with low abrasion.
  • Plain cylindrical bronze bearings – Always self-lubricating & Low-maintenance
  • Customized size bearings – We will manufacture the exact wrapped bronze bearing you need at a low cost.
  • Split type bushings – Bronze CuSn8, DIN 1494 / ISO 3547, Easy to install,
  • Simple design – Cost-effective, Suitable for rough working conditions, good corrosion resistance.

VIIPLUS.COM provides engineering, custom fabrication & manufacturing of high-performance bronze bushing & bearing materials.  is a low maintenance bushing material. An initial greasing during installation is necessary, after that periodic greasing with oil or grease is mandatory. The diamond pockets are an excellent lubrication depot and keeping maintenance to a minimum.


Wrapped flanged bronze bushing. Our standard material is CuSn8, alternatively, we also can supply a CuSn6 bronze grade. The hardness of CuSn6 will slightly be lesser.

Item No. [mm]dDLD1
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-402540442555
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-404040444055
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-453045503060
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-454545504560
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-455045505060
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-503050553065
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-505050555065
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-553055603070
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-555055605070
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-603060653075
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-603560653575
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-606060656075
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-653065703080
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-656065706080
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-704070754085
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-707070757085
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-754075804090
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-757075807090
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-8040808540100
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-8080808580100
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-9050909550110
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-9070909570110
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-9090909590110
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1005010010550120
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1009010010590120
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1105011011550130
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1109011011590130
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1205012012550140
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1209012012590140
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1306013013560155
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1309013013590155
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1406014014560165
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1409014014590165
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1506015015560180
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1509015015590180
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1606016016560190
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1609016016590190
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1706017017560200
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1709017017590200
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1806018018560215
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1809018018590215
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1906019019560225
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-1909019019590225
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-2006020020560235
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-2009020020590235
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-2256022523060260
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-2259022523090260
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-2506025025560290
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-2509025025590290
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-2656026527060305
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-2659026527090305
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-2856028529060325
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-2859028529090325
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-3006030030560340
Rolled flanged bushing-FBB090-3009030030590340

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Comparison of plain bearing materials: bronze bushings and other alloys

dry bearing
  • Frequently asked questions

The operating principle of bronze bushings and other solid bearings

Bronze bushings, like many other pure metal bushings, are based on so-called alloys. In this process, metal “blends” are created by melting different types of metal, which in turn have different specifications. Hence, it is difficult to directly compare these different alloys to the large number of different polymer compounds commonly found in polymer bearings. Nevertheless, this blog post should help to better differentiate between the two technologies and to make a decision for or against one of them. Working principle of solid bearing such as bronze bushing.

Bronze bushing belongs to solid bushing or solid bearing group. They are composed of a single material or alloy. Similar to solid plastic bushings, there is no sliding or support layer. What all metal alloys have in common is their limited applicability as sliding materials. Combined with the metal shaft, it is important for all solid bushings that are subjected to constant stress. Provides cooling and reduces friction by providing lubricants.


The problem is: without an external supply of lubrication, metal solid bearings are only suitable for so-called emergency operations at best. In practice, there is talk of emergency operation when the casing can continue to run long enough to allow immediate shutdown of the unit when power is interrupted. An example of these emergency operation functions is a pump whose bearings are usually designed to be lubricated and cooled by the medium being pumped.


This need for permanent lubrication led to design requirements for components. This is why bronze bushings and other solid bearings have so-called lubrication grooves. These are milling or turning channels extending along the inner and/or outer diameters through which lubricants can be distributed to bearing points. However, these bushings are very expensive to produce, especially in large quantities, as the lubrication groove must be made separately on a suitable milling machine or lathe.
lubricating bearing holes

Bronze bushing with lubrication holes

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wrapped bronze bushing

Bronze bushing with diamond lubrication

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Wrapped Bronze Bushing Technical Data

  • Specific load capacity static< 120 [N/mm2]
  • Specific load capacity dynamic< 40 [N/mm2]
  • Sliding speed≤ 2.5 [m/s]
  • Friction value0.05 [µ] to 0.12 [µ] depending on lubrication
  • Temperature strain– 40 [°C] to + 250 [°C]
  • Max. PV-value2.8 [N/mm² x m/s]
  • The percentage of contact area on the ID is > 75%


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Technical specification for bronze bushing and solid bearing

The possible combinations of different metals are varied, not only because of the choice of base metals and their combinations but also because these metals can be used in different proportions. Given this diversity and lack of metallurgical detail, detailed comparisons are beyond the scope of this blog. However, here is a rough overview of some common alloys and their specifications:

CuSn7Zn4Pb7- Bronze DIN EN 1982 (CC493K)

The most common and cost-effective red bronze (bronze) alloy is used for plain bearings.
Good emergency operation and adequate wear resistance under moderate load.
Also suitable for unhardened shafts and light edge pressures.


Tough bearing material with good sliding properties and good wear resistanceEspecially suitable for high surface pressures and simultaneous shocks


Very good sliding properties, high wear resistance, and good heat resistance.
Suitable for high speed and high load if well lubricated and with hardened shaft
Especially suitable for thin-wall bushings
Depending on its specifications, there are many other variants suitable for a wide range of applications.
Bronze bushing compared with plastic bushing
It is difficult to make a meaningful comparison between the two material groups purely on the basis of individual technical values. Like most metal bushings, bushings made of bronze or similar alloys have higher mechanical strength values and — at least when lubricated — better PV values. Therefore, frame conditions should be considered first. For example, polymer bushings can often be cost-saving because lubrication may not be required and are more cost-effective to produce. In addition, depending on the polymer compound, the pure material cost can also be significantly more cost-effective. Eliminating the need for external supply lubrication also brings further advantages in bushing reliability and maintenance. In addition,
Advantages and disadvantages of the bronze sleeve and solid bearing and plastic sleeve

Higher intensity values
Better PV value (if lubricated)
May have higher surface velocity (if lubricated)

Need lubrication
More complex and therefore more expensive to manufacture (lubrication grooves or holes)
Increase the weight
Corrosion resistance (depends on the alloy)
Non-Rohs (depends on the alloy)

Looking for the best plain bearing? We are happy to help you!

In every plain bearing application, these advantages and disadvantages must be weighed. However, not all of these aspects play a role in every application. In addition to bronze bushing, bronze bushing or other solid bearings, there are other bearing types that have other advantages and disadvantages.
Different types of plain bearings are suitable for different applications with different specifications. There is often application overlap – but it is not uncommon to see significant differences in life and performance.
Our application specialists will be happy to advise you and design your bearing point with you. We will identify common casing for you with the best service life, cost and performance ratio – by phone, digital access or in your field. Free and no obligation. Everything comes from one source.

Questions regarding plain bushing? We’re here to help.


Grease bushing service

Bronze Bearings made of CuSn8 with Grease Reservoirs



One Piece Compact Design, Dimensional Stability, Low Weight


Extended service life

Suitable for Continuous Sliding, Rotating and Oscillating Movement