Self lubricating Plate with graphite plugged

Self lubricating Plate with graphite plugged

Automotive Wear Plates made in china,Available wear plates include imperial and metric (NAAMS) sizes. Materials include copper, brass with graphite plugs, and bronze with graphite plugs.

bronze wear plate Also availbale like: NAAMS, DIN, EUROPEAN STANDARD, JIS, CUSOMIZE.
Can interchange with: WF-750, Fibro Oilless Guide Elements, Sankyo Oilless.Bronze Lube.

Design, manufacture, supply and sales of:
. Various oilless bearings
. Solid bronze bearing
. Wear plate
. Thrust washer
. Sliding Part for Die Mold
. Guide Bushing
. Oilless guide components.


Viiplus Oilless Plate have been developed for high load, low speed applications and are made of rotational cast high-strength bronze using a specially formed graphite plug as lubricant.
Bronze Wear Plate is incorporate high quality copper alloy based metals with engineered solid lubricant plugs. These bearings are designed to accommodate a wide variety of application requirements demanded by today’s equipment. Precise tolerances utilizing strategic plug location and plug compounds ensure performance delivery and lubrication free service. This bearing style is available in standard inch, metric and made to order sizes. Viiplus Bronze Wear Plate provide extreme temperature limits and high load capacity performance. Available in journal style bearings and flat wear plate.
Our  range of oilless plates are available in metric and imperial sizes.

About Us

Professional production of a variety of series of non-oil bearing enterprises, the company produces plain bearing, composite bearing, bush, bush, solid Mosaic bearing, bush, plane bearing, guide sleeve, bimetal bush, bronze hole bearing and other products of the enterprise.The products are widely used in automotive knuckle bushing, rocker arm bushing, power steering pump bushing, gear pump bushing, shock absorber.Valve, elevator, hydraulic truck, electric tools, textile machinery, rubber machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery, lifting machinery, mining machinery, fitness equipment, hydraulic machinery, machine tools, water turbine, steam turbine, metallurgical equipment, mold, hydraulic machinery, oil cylinder, oil machinery, plastics machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, automation equipment, engineering machinery, construction machinery, forging equipment, steel rolling equipment, etc.

Oilless Plate with lubrication indents graphite plugged,graphite plugs cover 25-30% of the area requiring lubrication.

These precision wear plates are available from stock in all standard sizes and styles.

Material Structure

Standard material: CuZn25A16Fe3Mn3 + Graphite;

Other customized material can be made based on customer’s requirement.


①  Solid lubricant film
②  Solid lubricant plug
③  Bronze backing

Material Features

  • Allows maintenance-free and long-life operation;
  • Suitable for high static and dynamic loads;
  • With low and smoothly coefficient of friction and without stick-slip effects;
  • Suitable for dirty, corrosion, impact load and edge loading;
  • The base material provided a good shock-absorbing capacity;
  • Can be used over a large temperature range;
  • Suitable for reciprocating, rotating and oscillating movement with start frequency
    and difficulty to form oil film occasions;
  • With low wear rate and long life service.

Technical Data

Technical Data
Material Brass Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze
CuZn25Al5 CuSn5Pb5Zn5 CuAl10Ni5Fe5 CuSn12 CuSn10Pb10
Density 8 8.9 7.8 8.9 8.9
Yield pointN/mm2 >450 >90 >260 >150 >100
Tensile strengthN/mm2 >750 >200 >600 >260 >210
Elongation % >12 >15 >10 >8 >8
Hardness HB >210 >70 >150 >95 >75


Place where lubrication cannot be applied or lubrication is dangerous. 
Place where product can be contaminated or failure is occurred due to lubrication. 
Low / High temperature, under-water, and place that is exposed to chemicals. 
Place that can prevent decrease in productivity due to machine stop while lubricating. 
Place where oiling is not effective due to harsh conditions such as frequent stop motion. 
Impact and vibration, high-load low-speed motion, rust occurrence, foreign substance penetration. 
Sliding motion, angular pitching motion. 

How It Works ?

When the mutual friction occurs between two non-lubricated surfaces, the two contacts with the uneven surface of the peak by the shear, stick-slip
and plastic deformation giving rise to friction and wear. Conventional lubricants can significantly reduce these effects, however, the conventional
lubricant will be more and more squeezed out of the contact area with increasing surface which formed the dry friction or boundary lubrication.

With slide plate, the lubrication is effected by the sliding material itself, The solid lubricant is released from the friction
material by micro-movement. This gives the sliding partners smooth surfaces with a firmly adhesive solid lubricant film, the solid lubricant film
remains within the contact area even under heavy loads. The embedded solid lubricant plugs can be continuously provided to the friction surface
to reduce friction resistance and wear, thus make the bearing can be worked under low wear rate and long-life service.

Operation with External Lubrication

The self-lubricating properties of Viiplus bearings offer improved overall performance compared with conventionally lubricated bearings, particularly where external lubrication with grease or oil is difficult to
maintain. These lubricants can be expelled from the contact zone under high loads, during long dwell periods, under static contact, or even under normal rotating or oscillating motion. This lubricant starvation often results in higher friction, damaging wear and premature bearing failure.


– Maintenance-free (self-lubricating)
– Suitable for heavy load applications
– Withstands extreme temperatures
– Long life span

Type of applications

  • Hardware and steel fabrication
  • stamping dies
  • tooling components for the automotive industry
  • sheet pressing etc.


  • Guide bushings
  • clamps
  • half bearings
  • wear plates
  • washers
  • guide plates etc.

Technical information and standard dimensions on the data sheet.


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