Self lubricating Plate with graphite plugged

Automotive Wear Plates made in china,Available wear plates include imperial and metric (NAAMS) sizes. Materials include copper, brass with graphite plugs, and bronze with graphite plugs.

bronze wear plate Also availbale like: NAAMS, DIN, EUROPEAN STANDARD, JIS, CUSOMIZE.
Can interchange with: WF-750, Fibro Oilless Guide Elements, Sankyo Oilless.Bronze Lube.

Design, manufacture, supply and sales of:
. Various oilless bearings
. Solid bronze bearing
. Wear plate
. Thrust washer
. Sliding Part for Die Mold
. Guide Bushing
. Oilless guide components.


Oilless Plate with lubrication indents graphite plugged,graphite plugs cover 25-30% of the area requiring lubrication.

These precision wear plates are available from stock in all standard sizes and styles.


– Maintenance-free (self-lubricating)
– Suitable for heavy load applications
– Withstands extreme temperatures
– Long life span

Type of applications

  • Hardware and steel fabrication
  • stamping dies
  • tooling components for the automotive industry
  • sheet pressing etc.


  • Guide bushings
  • clamps
  • half bearings
  • wear plates
  • washers
  • guide plates etc.

Technical information and standard dimensions on the data sheet.

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