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Cast bronze bushing

Solid Bronze,Component processing one-stop manufacturing supplier

solid bronze and brass bearing high temperature range (grease-lubricated)
with and without lubrication grooves

Mold design, blank casting, casting processing, inspection and delivery.

Positioning of lubrication groove at different running conditions rotating movement.

The traditional and robust bushing material No other cylindrical bushing is used in as many and as varied applications as solid bronze bushings. The solid bronze material is ideally suited for highly demanding applications in tough environments. VIIPLUS offers a standard assortment of both plain and flanged cylindrical bushings in standard size.


Solid turned bronze bushing, heavy-maintenance. Our standard sleeve bearings are manufactured out of continuous cast C86300,c93200 Bearing Bronze.standard-dimensions online sale.

cast bronze bushing is based on high strength brass or other material based on your choice, lubricating by oil added in the oil grooves. This type cast bronze sleeve bushing has the same performance with other oiles bearing.but with much higher hardness, twice life time for low speed application compared with tin bronze bushing. It’s also called cast bearing,brass bush,cooper bearing,solid sliding bearing,oil grooves plain bearing,cast bronze bearing,cast bronze and so on.

Lubricating Parts Material

Solid Bronze bushings are made of a multi-component bronze,C86300,c93200,C95400,Bearing Bronze.

which has a very good sliding properties.All surfaces of the solid bronze bushings are machined.

Machining Bronze Bushings Manufactuers,Turned bronze bearing with graphite is the maintenance-free alternative.

Lubrication bronze bushings VIIPLUS Solid Bronze bushings are intended to be lubricated with oil or grease. Lubrication not only improves the sliding properties, but also reduces wear and prevents corrosion. Grease is usually used when lubrication is periodical, while in exceptional cases, an oil bath is used. Seals are recommended when the bushing is to be used in an aggressive environment. All bushings with bore diameter of 14 mm and above incorporate an axial lubrication groove

Material Structure

Standard material: CuZn25Al5.

Technical Data

Technical Data
Material Brass Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze
CuZn25Al5 CuSn5Pb5Zn5 CuAl10Ni5Fe5 CuSn12 CuSn10Pb10
Density 8 8.9 7.8 8.9 8.9
Yield pointN/mm2 >450 >90 >260 >150 >100
Tensile strengthN/mm2 >750 >200 >600 >260 >210
Elongation % >12 >15 >10 >8 >8
Hardness HB >210 >70 >150 >95 >75


  • High load capacity
  • Wide range of use
  • Long lifetime
  • Wide range of temperature

Type of applications

• construction machinery
• transport equipment
• pulp and papermaking machinery
• off-shore equipment


  • Cylindrical bearings
  • Flanged bearings
  • Thrust washers
  • Plates
  • Drawing details


● Cylindrical bushing, flanged bushing, thrust washer and slide plate are standard fabrication.
● Special designs can be made according to your design.

Technical information on the data sheet

The bushings are widely used in injection molding machine frame, automobile mold, engineering machinery, hydraulic cylinder, large gear box, metallurgical continuous casting machine, train support steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, turbines, crane support, food machinery turbine bearings.


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