GCr15 Steel Graphite Bushings

Steel Bushing is based on GCr15, and the bearing surface processing of various types of oil groove, and then through the tempering treatment, improve the bearing surface hardness and wear resistance, such products are widely used in engineering machinery and other industries.It is not suitable to be used in connection with water, acid or alkali.

Solid Lubricants Features Graphite+add Good wear performance and chemical stability,
temperature limit 400℃,Suit for general machines and under atmosphere


GCr15 Hardened Steel Bearings Manufacturer

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It is a GCr15 special steel alloy based product. The surface is machined with a uniform pattern of holes filled with solid lubricant. The steel lubrication products show strong anti-pressure ability so they can be applied on a prop-up position in auto moulds, excavators and other applications under similar operating conditions.