GCr15 Steel Graphite Bushings

Steel Bushing is based on GCr15, and the bearing surface processing of various types of oil groove, and then through the tempering treatment, improve the bearing surface hardness and wear resistance, such products are widely used in engineering machinery and other industries.It is not suitable to be used in connection with water, acid or alkali.

Solid Lubricants Features Graphite+add Good wear performance and chemical stability,
temperature limit 400℃,Suit for general machines and under atmosphere


Graphite steel bushingis a reinforced product with high compression resistance. It can discharge lubricating particles during operation and create a layer of diaphragm between the shaft and the sleeve, which is more resistant to bite than single oil lubrication. The advantages are particularly adapted to the support of the hoisting machinery.

Graphite steel bushingis , is made by Iron GCr15 material. It is of high compress strength and particularly suitable for support or low, middle and high load. Most suitable for the supporting position of hoisting machine, e.g. bulldozer supporter, hoister supporter, reeling machine supporter

GCr15 bearing steel

GCr15 bearing steel is a kind of high carbon chromium bearing steel with low alloy content, good performance and most widely used.After quenching and tempering, it has high and uniform hardness, good wear resistance and high contact fatigue performance.The steel has medium cold working plasticity, general cutting performance, poor welding performance, high sensitivity to forming white point, and temper brittleness.GCr15 bearing steel, including C0.95-1.05, Mn0.25-0.45, Si0.15-0.35.

After spheroidizing annealing, it has good cutting performance.After quenching and tempering, the hardness is high and even, wear resistance and contact fatigue strength are high.Good thermal processing performance. Contains less alloy elements, the price is cheaper.

How to make GCr15 steel

The smelting quality of bearing steel is very high, and the content and distribution of sulfur, phosphorus and non-metallic inclusions need to be strictly controlled, because the content and distribution of non-metallic inclusions have a great impact on the life of bearing steel.The basic quality requirements for bearing steel are purity and uniform organization.Purity means that impurity elements and non-metallic sundries should be less, and uniform structure means that carbide in steel should be fine and evenly distributed.The higher the amount of inclusion, the shorter the life.In order to improve the quality of smelting, electric furnace smelting and electroslag remelting have been adopted recently, vacuum smelting and vacuum self-consuming refining can also be used to improve the quality of bearing steel.

Chemical composition 

S: 0.020 or less

P: 0.027 or less

Cr: 1.40 to 1.65

High Quality  GCr15 Steel Graphite Bushings

GCr15 Steel Graphite Bushings is based on high quality carbon structural steel or bearing steel;The inner wall of the matrix is combined with the casting copper alloy wear resistant material layer, and the joint surface adopts centrifugal casting process, showing the melting state.In the bearing, the through hole between the outer wall or the blind hole in the inner wall, the solid lubrication column with high purity graphite is inlay. The friction area of the solid lubrication column accounts for 15% ~ 25% of the friction area of the bearing.The present invention not only has the characteristics of high structural strength, large bearing capacity and strong impact resistance of steel base material, but also has the characteristics of low friction of copper alloy material as friction pair, and the inlaid solid lubrication column has the excellent characteristics of self-lubrication and wear resistance.The invention can be widely used in a variety of heavy-duty, low-speed and difficult to form lubricating oil film working conditions in the field, such as construction machinery, mining metallurgical machinery, lifting machinery, transport roller table, injection molding machine and high-precision mold, etc.

GCr15 Hardened Steel Bearings Manufacturer

GCr15 Steel Graphite Bushings is a solid lubrication product embedded with solid lubricant after sintering tin bronze powder in the matrix of the steel sleeve. In addition to the function of graphite plugged bronze bushing, it can save cost and improve compressive strength.Its end face can be welded and installed with the matrix.

Self-lubricating Parts Most Requested Online Metal Bearings: Shop Precision Parts

It is a GCr15 special steel alloy based product. The surface is machined with a uniform pattern of holes filled with solid lubricant. The steel lubrication products show strong anti-pressure ability so they can be applied on a prop-up position in auto moulds, excavators and other applications under similar operating conditions.

Oil-free bearings (oil-free plain bearings) are used for plain bearings. Oil-free lubricated bearings are designed for self-lubricating, oil-free bearings, smooth operation, reliable, and noise-free. Liquid lubrication conditions, separated from the lubricant does not directly contact the sliding surface, you can greatly reduce friction loss and surface wear, this film also has a certain degree of impact absorption.

Steel base inlaid type self-lubricated bearing is the reinforced product, has the high compressive performance, can discharge the lubrication particle in the work, causes the shaft and the sleeve to produce a layer of diaphragm, has the advantage of more anti-bite than the monomer oil lubrication, is particularly suitable in the lifting machinery support part.

Product details
Material and bearing performance unit value unit value
Maximum dynamic load MPA 300 psi 43500
Maximum static load MPA 200 psi 29000
Working temperature °C -100to300 °F -148to572
Dry friction
Maximum linear velocity m/s 0.17 fpm 34
The largest PV value m/s 1.5 psi*fpm 43500
Minimum hardness of product HRC 50 HRC 50

Solid Lubricants Bearings Bushing Parts

it is suitable for metallurgical machinery, construction machinery and oil transport machinery can not be refueling field.

Technical Parameters:

Base material: GCr15

Bearing capacity: 250N/mm2

Basic hardness: HB58~60

Friction coefficient μ: <0.17

Higher sliding speed: 0.1m/s

Higher use temperature: 350 ° C

Use PV value: 2.5N/mm2*m/s

Technical data
Coefficient of linear expansion
Dynamic load
Maximum load
Operating temperature
Maximum sliding speed
Maximum PV factor

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