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Plain Bearing Material

Types and tables of plain bearings dimensions


Types range plain bearings with bronze backed, maintenance-free.

Strips:Long*width* thickness,mm
Bushes ID*OD*Length,mm
Flange liners ID*OD*Length*Flang,mm
Thrust washers ID*OD* The thickness of the gasket,mm

Other inch size Available


Maintenance-free Plain Bearing Material,

Plain bearing production, in cutting, stamping and shaping processes.

Finished bushing sleeve,flange bearings products, plain bearings manufactured from “tin plating ”on request corrosion protection treatment on the bearing back, face reliefs and striking faces.

Standard designs for plain bearings are Cylindrical bushes, Collar bushes,Thrust washers,Strips.Sliding Bearings Material in a great variety of designs are produced from steel backed bearing or bronze backed bearing,PTFE layer,POM layer,composite material,Plain Bearing Strips in cutting, stamping and shaping processes.


  • Support material:Bronze
  • Intermediate layer Sintered bronze
  • Sliding layer PTFE
  • Standard version: Tin
  • Layer thickness: approx. 0.002 mm
It has some advantages over Steel Bakced PTFE Bush Bearing in this respect:
Very good thermal conductivity and therefore greater reliability

Chemical composition

Running-in layer

PTFE Layer

Sliding layer

Sintered copper powder

Bearing backed

Material Material information
Bronze CuSn 6


  • Cylindrical bushes
  • Collar bushes
  • Thrust washers
  • Strips

Tin is used as temporary corrosion protection and an assembly aid.



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