Stainless Steel Backed Composite PTFE Woven Bushing

Stainless Steel Backed Composite PTFE Woven Bushing

PTFE fabric on the sliding layer, available in stainless steel 316, Maintenance-free

Stainless steel backed bronze bushings offers a standard assortment of plain cylindrical bushings according to ISO 3547 and DIN 1494.

Stainless Backed Composite Bushings Examples of applications are:

  • food and packaging industry
  • valves and pumps
  • medical equipment
  • printing and papermaking machines
  • off-shore industry


viiplus self-lubricating bearings Products has the largest selection of sleeve bushings and flange bearing in the industry, with repair parts for different markets.

Stainless Steel Backed Composite PTFE Woven Bushing For Hydro turbines, butterfly valves, paper industry, get a free quote.


Support material Stainless Steel, Sliding layer PTFE Fibre Fabric
Standard stainless steel SS306, but other alloys are also available depending on application


VIIPLUS offers a standard assortment of plain cylindrical bushings according to ISO 3547 and DIN 1494.Stainless Backed Composite Bushings fabric Supplier.

lubricating Material
Stainless Backed Composite is made out of a stainless steel backing strip (AISI 316TI) covered with PTFE fibresconsisting of multi-filament yarns. The PTFE yarn is woven together with metal
wire to produce a double-sided fabric,with only PTFE fibres on the sliding  surface. The metal side of the fabric is continuously soldered to the stainless steel backing. The PTFE side of the fabric is coated with a thermosetting resin preventing creep of the fabric under heavy loads.
All  Stainless Backed Composite dry sliding bushings can be machined. However, any machining of the sliding surface should be avoided.

Lubrication Bushings
Stainless Backed Composite bushings are completely self-lubricating. The PTFE fibre and the thermosetting resinpermit low friction operation with no lubrication or maintenance. During a brief running-in phase part of the PTFE covering layer is transferred to the mating surface.

Application recommendations:

Shaft tolerance g6 – f7

Housing tolerance H7

Shaft roughness Ra, µm 0 .. 0,4

Shaft hardness, HB 300 – 600


Stainless Backed Composite bushings offer many features and advantages such as:

  • excellent resistance to corrosive


  • very good frictional properties
  • maintenance-free operation
  • high load capacity
  • high sliding velocity
  • small operating clearance

Type of applications

    • Hydro turbines, butterfly valves, paper industry


  • Plain cylindrical bearings
  • flanged bearings
  • thrust washers
  • sliding plates

Technical information and standard dimensions on the data sheet

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