CuSn8 Bronze Bushings

Wrapped bronze bearing,Bronze Pivot Bushes 800 series Plain Bushes Split Type with diamond indentation grease pockets standard size,id*od&Length

A Broad Range of Inch and Metric Sizes, including All standard Flanged Bushing Sizes.
phosphor tin bronze bushes application
• agricultural machinery
• hoisting equipment
• construction machinery
• forest machinery
self lubricating bronze bearings is a kind of bushes wrapped by bronze strip. The bronze is of particular formulation with high specific gravity and on its surface may be incorporated with spherical or diamond shaped indentations or oil grooves as required by customers. It is of high load capacity and long life. In place of traditional bronze bush,it is more cheap and more compact.
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Discovery your Diamond-shaped lubricant reservoirs,CuSn8 Bronze Bushings from our online website.

Wrapped bronze bearing with lubrication indents ISO 3547 and DIN 1494

wrapped tin bronze bearings (CuSn8)
temperature range: -40° up to 150°C
with diamond-shaped lubrication pockets

Wrapped Bronze is made completely of bronze, CuSn8. The bushings are produced from strips which are then wrapped and calibrated. The working surface is machined and provided with diamond shaped indentations all over its sliding surface. These indentations serve as lubricant reservoirs, where lubricant is initially filled and progressively released during operation.

Application recommendations:

Shaft tolerance e7 – f8

Housing tolerance H7

Shaft roughness Ra, µm 0,4 .. 0,8

Shaft hardness, HB 150 – 400

Wrapped Bronze bushings offer many features and advantages
• insensitive to dirty environments
• resistant to shock loads and vibrations at slow speeds
• good resistance to corrosive conditions

Wrapped Bronze cylindrical bushings are made completely of bronze. They are particularly suitable for applications which must be re-lubricated due to dirty environments. The sliding surface is provided with lubrication pockets which contribute to the enhanced lubrication performance.VIIPLUS offers a full range of both plain and flanged cylindrical bushings in accordance with ISO 3547 and DIN 1494

Wrapped Bronze bushings are suitable for both radial and axial movements. The bushings are well suited for machinery in dirty environments where
shock loads and/or vibrations occur.
Examples of applications are:
• agricultural machinery
• hoisting equipment
• construction machinery
• forest machinery


  • High load capacity
  • Works well even in difficult conditions
  • Good lubrication properties because of lubrication indents
  • Wide range of temperature


  • Cylindrical bearings
  • Flanged bearings
  • Thrust washers
  • Plates
  • Drawing details


providing to our customers with excellent quality

  • Automatic forming machine
  • Automatic chamfering machine
  • Coating thickness gauge
  • 3 points ID testing
  • Metallographic testing
  • Chemical elements testing
  • Hardness Testing

Technical information and standard dimensions on the data sheet.

Technical Datas

Max LoadStatic load120N/mm2HardnessHB110-150
Max. Speed2m/sTemp.-100℃~+200℃
Max PV2.8N/mm2.m/sFriction coefficient0.08~0.25
Tensile strength450N/mm2Thermal conductivity60W(m.K)-1
Yield point250N/mm2Coefficient of thermal expansion15×10-6/K-1

Chemical Compositions

Material typeCu﹪Sn﹪P﹪Pb﹪Zn﹪


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