Bimetal Bearings

We supply a wide range of Clinch lock of bimetal bushesBushingsThrust Washers, and Bimetallic Strips.

Bimetal bushing steel backed, with bronze alloy CuPb10Sn10,CuPb3Zn6Sn6,CuPb7Sn7Zn3
Bimetallic bearing is one of the bearing lubrication system, the product is high quality low carbon steel back as substrate, the bronze alloy on the surface, through several high temperature sintering and density and rolled copper and steel bimetallic strip coiling, suitable for medium and high impact load under bush and thrust washer and so on many kinds of USES.


The standard sizes are fitted with lubrication indents on the running surface. For standard bearings is normally the steel backing copper plated to improve the corrosion resistance. The layer of lead bronze makes it possible to use these bearings with relative long lubrication intervals.

Bimetal-bearings can be manufactured with a thicker lead bronze layer for applications where the bearing has to be machined after mounting. The material of the layer can be fitted to the special needs for the application in question.

Viiplus bimetal bushes are composed of two metal strips, in two different materials; the first is normally in steel, the second is normally constituted by an alloy containing copper, which when coupled with the steel strip acts as an internal covering. Furthermore, some sizes also have an external relubrication hole.

bimetal bushing

Bimetal bushing material

Wrapped 2 layer bearing with bronze sliding layer.Clinch lock of bimetal bushes,

Bimetal bearings are able to handle heavy loads and shock loading conditions. Our bimetal bearings have anti-corrosion capabilities and are easy to install, making them ideal for emergency replacements. viiplus thin walled bearing is available with stainless steel, carbon steel or bronze backing. 

Base material: low carbon steel, copper or tin coating can be plated on the outside surface.

Inner wall copper layer: Inner wall copper layer material is mainly CuSn6Zn6Pb3 or CusN6.5P0.1 two kinds of tin bronze and CuPb10Sn10 or CuPb24Sn two kinds of lead bronze, a total of four kinds of copper layer and ALSn20Cu kind of high tin aluminum alloy layer quality customers can choose suitable copper layer material.

Alloy layer thickness standard thickness 0.25mm-0.3mm, can also be according to customer requirements sintering of any thickness of non-standard alloy layer.

Inner wall material performance:

CuPb24Sn4: has high fatigue strength and bearing capacity, impact resistance, but because of the high lead content in the alloy and high density are prone to lead segregation, and reduces the abrasion resistance of the bushing at the same time also makes the combination of alloy layer and steel back strength is reduced, the high cost of the copper layer used in high speed, swing and rotating wages under the condition of bearing.

CuPb10Sn10: have high fatigue strength and bearing capacity good lubrication performance, wear resistance and corrosion resistant performance is good, suitable Yu Zhongzai, medium to high speed and has a larger impact load bearing, mechanical equipment on the use of rolling bearing, the gasket surface pressure is high, and there is the lateral pressure of the sliding bearing, such as rolling rolling, vehicle use bearing, bimetallic bearing shell, and the piston pin set, lining, etc.

CuSn6Zn6Pb3: Good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, easy to process, good casting performance and air tightness, working under general load, medium sliding speed, such as turbine, motor, compressor, piston clutch, connecting rod bushing, rocker arm bushing, etc., the current consumption is relatively large.

Cusn6.5-0.1: Lead-free bimetallic bearing is widely used in the balance axle bushing, gasket, internal combustion engine spindle bushing, connecting rod bushing, rocker arm bushing, oil pump side friction plate, internal combustion engine bushing of medium and small power, train engine bushing, air press bushing, refrigerator, etc.

ALSn20Cu: With moderate fatigue strength and bearing capacity, good corrosion resistance and sliding performance.It can be used with soft shaft, and is often used for small and medium power internal combustion engine bearing bush, train engine bearing bush, air compressor bearing sleeve, etc. It is the best product to replace Babbitt alloy.

Type for bimetal bushing grooves & indentations,Types of Oil Grooves for bimetal bushings,Contact our engineers.

Sintered SAE799 Layer + Steel Backing + Copper Plating / Tin-Plating

SB-799 Material ( CuPb24Sn4, SAE-799, JIS-LBC6 Bronze Alloy )

Bimetal  Bushes

Bi-metal bushes in laminated spring and shackles are designed to withstand impacts,vibratory loads as well as friction. Our bi-metal spring bushes are capable to withstand these loads. Also, grooves and grease dots are provided to retain lubricating material and thus reducing extra wear-tear and providing longer life in abnormal working environments.


  • High load capacity
  • Works well even in difficult conditions
  • Good lubrication properties because of lubrication indents
  • Wide range of temperature

Application Field

Bimetal Bushing are widely used in various past of automobile industries such as Truck,,engine, transmission cases, Textile machines,vehicle chassis, steering knuckle, trunnion shaft, leaf spring, motorcycle clutches, wear plating of gear pumps, as well as hoisting machine, etc.


The special construction of these bushes means they have good resistance against wear, in particular at medium speed with a medium load, or at low speed with a high load.

Special Techincal Features

The internal surface of the viiplus bimetal bushes can include different types of channels, so as to satisfy the various types of applications and lubrication conditions in which the bushes may be used.

Technical Data

Static 250 N/mm2
Dynamic 140 N/mm2
Maximum speed:
Oil lubricated <5,0 m/s
Grease lubricated <2,5 m/s
0,04 – 0,12 µ depending on lubrication
Temperature range:
-40/ +250 ˚C
Housing H7
Recommended shaft tolerance f7 or h8

Metal & Bi-Metal Bearings Material Range

Alloy grade Name Main chemical composition% Alloy hardness HB Steel layer hardness HB Main use occasion
cu pb sn zn ni Bi
CuPb10Sn10 JF800 margin 9.0~11.0 9.0~11.0 60~90 90~120 Bushing, side plate, washer,

  • Drawing details
CuPb3Zn6Sn6 JF850 margin 2.0~4.0 5.0~7.0 5.0~7.0 40~80 90~120
CuPb7Sn7Zn3 JF830 margin 6.0~8.0 6.0~8.0 2.0~4.0 60~90 80~130

Available Types

Bushes, flange bushes, thrust washers, strip and other non-standard parts and so on.

Bimetal Bearings Lubrication

Bi-metal bearings are mainly to be used with oil or grease lubrication.

Special Bimetal Inch Size Design

bimetal bearings bushings

bimetal bearings bushings

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