Sliding Bronze Wear Plate

Sliding Bronze Wear Plate

Self lubricating flat guiding rail, with holes

Casting Graphite Plugged Brass Washer CNC Machine Bushing Parts For Sale

Sliding bronze wear plates up to 1300 x 500 mm

≈ 180 HB / Graphit / graphite

t max. = 200°C


The viiplus china company supplies self-lubricating sliding elements and bushings ready for installation
in various shapes:

  • Bushings, thrust washer and other special cast bronze parts designs
  • Sliding plates up to 1300 x 500 mm

≈ 180 HB / Graphit / graphite

t max. = 200°C

All sliding elements are available in different bronze materials and steel. We would be pleased to submit our
standard size upon request.

Bronze Bearings series graphite bearing classification
Solid mounted bearings are mounted on a matrix of colliers brass. Inlaid graphite or MoS2 solid lubrication..

The bronze inlaid bearing is made of CuSn6Zn6Pb3 bronze with plugged graphite and MoS2 as solids.

Our bronze wear plate products are used in many industries

Wear Products advantages
1. Flexible, simple, convenient design, wide range of use;
Fuel supply system in the mechanical design is a work, time-consuming device, using solid self-lubricating bearings do not need to consider when designing refueling device, save gas devices, as well as for a wide variety of special occasions, solid self-lubricating bearing design into various shapes, so as to meet the needs of a variety of special occasions, using solid self-lubricating bearings, can significantly reduce the mechanical maintenance, oil and other expenses.
2. No oil can be used;
Since solid lubricant is greater than the linear expansion coefficient of metal matrix, so when to run solid self-lubricating bearings, the oil film will be transferred to the grinding and implemented on a self-lubrication, so solid self-lubricating bearings can be used in the place where is hard to go and can’t go or grease, even in the case of low speed and high load, also can have good lubrication effect.
3. Low use cost;
The traditional mechanical design, in a certain operating time, want to often come on maintenance, check the oil, the oil supply device was clear, the body itself and the surrounding environment pollution caused by regular gas, result in an increase in maintenance costs, realize self-lubrication, not only can realize the environment clean and tidy, and greatly reduce the cost of the use of lubricating oil.
4. Under the condition of high load and low rotating speed, it can give play to superior performance;
Solid self-lubricating bearing is made of centrifugal casting high strength alloy brass substrate, have the effect of bearing load, with special formula with good self-lubricating properties of graphite lubricant, self lubricating effect, so it’s a combination of their respective advantages, even in high load, low speed, can produce superior performance.
5. Excellent wear resistance can be developed in places where the oil film is difficult to form, such as reciprocating motion, rocking motion and frequent starting and stopping;
The arrangement principle of solid self-lubricating bearing lubricants is to ensure that there are lubricants in each part of the grinding part in the process of operation, so the arrangement of lubricants must be determined according to the direction of the movement of the grinding part.
6. Superior drug resistance and corrosion resistance;
The lubricant of the solid self-lubricating bearing is made of the wear-resisting materials such as graphite, PTFE and molybdenum disulfide with special formula. It has stable molecular structure, and the metal matrix can be selected according to different metals with different drug resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the solid self-lubricating bearing has superior drug resistance and corrosion resistance.
7. The product cost is more competitive, compared with similar products, the service life is longer, the maintenance is less, the replacement cycle is long, the performance is good.



  • High load capacity
  • Works excellent even in difficult conditions
  • Maintenance free
  • Wide range of temperature

Type of applications

  • Cargo handling equipment
  • Press tools and equipment
  • Turbines
  • Hoisting equipment


  • Cylindrical bearings
  • Flanged bearings
  • Thrust washers
  • Plates
  • Drawing details

Technical information and standard dimensions on the data sheet.

Casting Graphite Plugged Brass Washer CNC Machine Bushing Parts For Sale

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