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Wrapped dry sliding bushings

Excellence in Dry Bearings, Multilayer material type DU DX Alternatives in plate form. Factory Direct & Fast Shipping – www.viiplus.com

Composite Cylindrical bushes, Metric Composite Plain bearing Strips, sliding material, POM, Main dimensions, tolerances, and inspection thereof are in accordance with ISO 3547

It is suitable for room temperature, low speed and medium load place, replace the traditional copper sleeve, not only reduce the cost and prolong the service life.Under special circumstances, it can save refueling frequency and simplify replacement procedure when used on rolling mill.The products have been widely used in automobile chassis, forging machine, gold mining machinery, construction machinery, hydropower, steel rolling industry and other fields.

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Dry Bushings Available – Bushings And Bearing – viiplus.com

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China self-lubricating bearing, Maintenance Free Slide Plates Within Tire Mold Container, Factory Price, Contact Us! Read News. Browse Products. View Composite Bearing Bushing Type. View Application. View News. View Product. Check Steel Bushing Sleeve Size.

Our Dry Bushing Improves Performance, Reduces Weight, & Solves Maintenance Issues. We Offer Cast Bronze Bushing, Metal Bushing, Engineered Bearings Bushings, and More. View Product Type. Search Catalog. Order Online. Industries: Aerospace, Oil & Gas.

The Dry sliding Bushings trademark identifies a whole range of self-lubricated dry sliding bushings and bearings.  a composite structure consisting of a carbon steel backing, an intermediate layer of sintered bronze, and a PTFE-based sliding lining.   have a composite structure consisting of a carbon steel backing onto which a porous layer of bronze is sintered and then impregnated with a co-acetal plastic.

pom-bushes sleeve

Self-Lubricating Bushings – Custom Engineered Solutions

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Metal Composite Bushing Parts Made to order from china. Sliding Bearing Type Design Services. Fast Delivery. Highlights: Developing Cost-Effective Solutions, Online Parts Catalog Available, Using High-Quality Materials.

Dry slide Bushings. The dry slide Bushings trademark identifies a whole range of self-lubricated dry sliding bushings and bearings. Dry slide bearing has a common structure, consisting of a steel backing bonded to a porous bronze sinter layer impregnated and POM/PTFE layer.

Sliding bush material and sleeve bushing type selection guides.

Wrapped dry sliding bearings material, Dimensions, and tolerances strip material

Sliding Bush, Material: Steel-Bronze/POM
ISO 3547/DIN 1494 Steel-bronze-PTFE composite
Eco-friendly, lead-free, RoHS-compliant.

Special materials for plain bearings

Plain bearing manufacture

Plain Bearing, Wrapped POM Lined Material

Strip Size Metric / Imperial: Metric (mm)
Length: 500mm
Thickness (Sheets and Washers): mm

  • 250mm x 500mm x 1mm sheet
  • 250mm x 500mm x 1.5mm sheet
  • 250mm x 500mm x 2mm sheet
  • 250mm x 500mm x 2.5mm sheet
  • other customized sizes

we have manufactured dry bearings with layers of self-lubricating material that require either no lubrication or lubrication only at initial installation. Our commitment to the environment extends not only to our lead-free dry bearing material.

POM composite

Multilayer material type DX in plate form.Like PTFE composite bearings, POM composite bearings also have a sheet steel backing that
is covered with a 0,2 to 0,4 mm thick layer of sintered tin/bronze . The principal characteristic
of these bearings is their relatively thick (0,3 mm) layer of acetal resin (POM– polyoxymethylene)
that is firmly attached to the sintered tin/bronze layer. The covering layer has pockets to retain
grease. The thickness of the covering layer makes these bearings less sensitive to misalignment
and the edge loading associated with that misalignment.

Bearing Life, Design and service life estimate

Many years of goal-oriented research and development work have resulted in excellent sliding materials that cover a wide range of applications featuring maintenance-free or low maintenance operations. The type and design of bearing to be used for a given application have to be chosen with respect to the type of load acting upon the bearing, the operating temperature which can be expected, and the requirements regarding lubrication and maintenance.

Flanged bushings are manufactured to
the same tolerances as the plain bushings.
A deviation of ± 0.5 mm (0.02 in) applies to the flange
diameter D1 when mounted.

What should be paid attention to when using composite bearings

1.Keep the bearing and its surroundings clean. Even if invisible dust enters the bearing, it will increase wear, vibration and noise of the bearing.

2.Two, the use of the device should be careful, do not allow strong stamping, do not allow the hammer directly hit the bearing, do not allow pressure transmission through the rolling body.

3. Use appropriate and accurate installation tools, use special tools as far as possible, and make every effort to prevent the use of such things as cloth and staple fibers.

4. to avoid the bearing corrosion, directly take the bearing by hand, to wash the hands of the sweat, and coated with high-quality mineral oil before stopping the operation, in the rainy season and summer to pay special attention to rust. However, under certain special operating conditions, the bearing can achieve a better life than the conventional calculation, especially under light loads. These special operating conditions are the appearance damage that may occur when the rolling surfaces (tracks and rolling elements) are effectively separated and restricted by a smooth oil film. In fact, under ideal conditions, the so-called permanent bearing life is possible.

5.Bearing service life, rolling bearing life in revolutions (or the number of hours worked at a certain speed), defined as within this life, a bearing shall undergo initial fatigue damage (spalling or defect) on any of its bearing rings or rolling body. However, no matter in laboratory experiments or theoretical application, it can be clearly seen that the bearing with the same appearance under the same working conditions has different theoretical life. In addition, there are several different definitions of the “life” of a bearing, one of which is the so-called “working life”, which means that the theoretical life of a bearing that can be reached before damage is caused by wear, the damage is usually not caused by fatigue, but by wear, corrosion, seal damage and other reasons.

gleitlagerbuchsen bronze


  •  maintenance-free operation
  • very good frictional properties
  •  high load capacity
  •  high sliding velocity
  •  small operating clearance
  • Long service intervals
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Wide range of use
  • Long lifetime

Bushing Tolerances

The tolerances for the outside diameter of the metric bushings correspond to the values given in ISO 3547 Part 1. To check these tolerances the method outlined in ISO 3547 Part 2 should be followed. The values for the maximum and the minimum wall thickness for metric bushings can be found in our catalog. The tolerance for the bushing width B is a uniform ±0.25 mm (±0.01 in).

Machining the bore of POM composite bushings

Bushings made of POM composite material are ready for installation. However, if necessary, the bushing bore can be machined to size while mounted in its housing. After machining the bore, the sliding surface should have a Ra value of max 2,5 μm. The following machining recommendations will provide good results when a polycrystalline diamond
the cutting tool is used
• cutting speed > 150 m/min
• slow feed rate (0,05 to 0,1 mm/revolution)
• cutting depth 0,1 mm.
To prevent excessive heat build-up of the acetal resin, and to remove the swarf produced during machining, a constant supply of compressed air (at low pressure) should be applied to the bushing during any machining operation.

Type of application

  • The original for automotive and industrial applications
  • for shock absorbers, hinges, gears, pumps, valves, car seats, vibration-dampers, and other equipment requiring bearing materials


  • Cylindrical bearings
  • Flanged bearings
  • Thrust washers
  • Plates
  • Drawing details



Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 48 × 120 cm

34, 42, 44, 48


Black, Blue, Brown, Gray


Loose, Slim, Straight


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