Bronze Graphite Bushings

Solid Mosaic bearing series is the general basic products, regardless of high pressure, low pressure, high temperature, low temperature, oil lubrication, no oil lubrication or water lubrication, can adapt.The matrix of the product is high strength brass, than the general copper set hardness increased by one time, wear resistance increased by more than one time.

Widely used in: light industry machinery, heavy industry machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, transport machinery, such as: continuous casting machine, rolling mill, injection molding machine, paper machine, mold guide column, ships, machine tools and so on.



Our  range of Bronze Graphite Bushings are the perfect solution for projects where lubrication cannot easily be provided or where conventional lubricants may carbonise. The design of oil feeding systems is time consuming and expensive – The use of our Bronze Graphite Bushings can greatly reduce costs of maintenance and oil as it removes any need for such a system.

Bronze Graphite Bushings have been developed for high load, low speed applications and are made of rotational cast high-strength bronze using a specially formed graphite plug as lubricant.

Our Bronze Graphite Bushings are graphite loaded and can withstand temperatures of up to 400°C (800F) as well as cryogenic temperatures down to -200°C (-400°F) depending on which material is selected.

Bronze Graphite Bushings

graphite plugged bronze bushing is a high performance solid lubricated product inlaid with graphite or MoS2 solid lubricant on a matrix of high force brass (CuZn24AL6).It breaks through the limitation that the general bearing depends on oil film lubrication.In the process of use, the friction heat causes friction between solid lubricant and shaft to form an excellent condition for the coexistence of oil and powder, which not only protects shaft from wear, but also makes the solid lubrication characteristics eternal.Its hardness is twice as high as that of ordinary copper sheath, and its wear resistance is also twice as high.It has been widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machines, train supports, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines and other high temperature, high load, low speed heavy load and other occasions.

Turned bronze bearing with solid lubricant

solid bronze bearing with dry lubricating pins temperature range: -200° up to 430°C useable in dry environment and liquids, insensitive to dirt not susceptible to shocks

Material Structure

Aluminum bronze + solid lurbicants


♦ Have Incomparable performance under a high load, low speed operation. Also perform well without lubrication,
♦ Excellent wear resistance in such places where an oil film is difficult to be formed due to reciprocating, oscillating motions and frequently intermittent operations
♦ Remarkable resistance to corrosion and resistance to chemical attack
♦ Maintenance free and save operating cost.

Type of applications

  • Cargo handling equipment
  • Press tools and equipment
  • Turbines
  • Hoisting equipment


  • Cylindrical bearings
  • Flanged bearings
  • Thrust washers
  • Plates
  • Drawing details

Technical information and standard dimensions on the data sheet

These Bronze Graphite Bushings are suitable for dry environments where contamination is a risk, wet applications where there is high humidity and applications where the bearing is in an inaccessible location. viiplus Oilless bearings are lubricated for life!

Technical Data

Max. dynamic load 70N/mm2
Max. Temperature 300
Base Hardness HB60-90
Friction coefficient <0.15
Highest sliding speed 2m/s
  • Specifications:

Material Bronze CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3 + Graphite
Iron Cast-iron + Graphite
Density 8.2g/cm3
Tensile Strength >=755N/mm2
Anti-compact Tenacity >=400~500KJ/m3
Hardness >=200HB
Max Load Pressure 100N/mm2
Speed Limit 0.5m/s
PV value limit 1.65N/mm2.m/s
Friction coef Oil Lubrication 0.03
Dry Friction 0.16
Working temperature -40~+300°C

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